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Home Furnishing and Health Business

Japan's Leading Home Furnishing and Health Company; Providing a Rich, Fulfilling Lifestyle to All.

FranceBed works tirelessly to develop high value-added products; from beds and sleeping products, through to health equipment and furniture for living and dining rooms. We supply these products through around 5,000 affliated furniture and department stores around Japan, to help all people have a comfortable and rewarding lifestyle.

Matched to Japanese tastes and the Japanese climate: the High-Density Continuous Spring Mattress.
the High-Density Continuous Spring Mattress

"We want to provide the perfect mattress for Japanese people; something suited to Japanese tastes and the Japanese climate." FranceBed has conducted continuous research since being founded to try and achieve this founding desire. We believe that a bed suited to Japanese body styles and Japan’s humid climate is part of providing relaxing sleep to Japanese people. The result of this extensive research is the High-Density Continuous Spring Mattress, a highly durable mattress with extensive air spaces to ensure good breathability. FranceBed's independently developed mattress continues to provide relaxing and healthy sleep to Japanese people.

We provide individualized sleep advice at our nationwide showroom network.
Sleep Posture Monitor

FranceBed has developed a nationwide network of showrooms and PR studios that allow customers to touch and feel our high-quality products for themselves. We have sleep posture monitors at our showrooms so we can advise on bedding products matched perfectly to customer's individual sleep postures. We also have highly knowledgeable sleep advisors to consult with in relation to achieving the highest quality sleep.

Integrated Operations between Product Development, Production and Sales to Quickly Understand Customer's Requirements and Build them into the Product.

FranceBed has integrated operations between sales and development production to quickly comprehend various customer's needs and build them into our products. Additionally, the medical services business is integrated with the home furnishing and health business to enable us to develop higher value-added, and more unique products.

The FranceBed
The FranceBed

Our flagship bed, utilizing ultimate materials and design in the pursuit of the highest quality of sleep.

High Feature Electrically Powered Adjustable Bed Granmax

An integration of nursing bed functionality with a residential bed design.

Enjoy color x color Fraismane

A dual colored, refreshing and individual bed.

Mattress with Internal Inclining Mechanism LOOPER MOVE RP-1000

Inclining function with dual motor is integrated inside of the mattress.

Erpo "Lugano"

A high quality relaxing sofa with a unique collaboration of high function, quality materials and superior design.


A high grade feather duvet by ensuring we meet our unique JOORYU standards, which is more stringent than an ordinary standard.

Relaxing, High Quality Hotel Interiors: From Planning through to Completion.

FranceBed provides total hotel solutions utilizing the many years of experience and know-how in creating diverse spaces gained in our Home Furnishing and Health Business. Hotels especially require highly functional, refined spaces where a spirit of hospitality towards customers is paramount. FranceBed can support this not just with supply of bed and interior products, but also with design and implementation of customer rooms, reception areas, and other common areas of the hotel.

Hotel MyStays Kyoto Shijo

* Hotel MyStays Kyoto Shijo: Shown in the Michelin Guide for Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe 2011/2012. The third straight year since 2010.

Rental Operations

Hotel Bed Rental Operations
Creating vibrant spaces through individualized beds and health equipment.

Renovation Business

* Urayasu Brighton Hotel (Art Forest)

Room Renovation Business
Total design and functionality provision for guest rooms and bathrooms that is matched to the individual hotel concept.

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