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Providing Total Support for Comfortable Residential Care Through Rental and Sales of Welfare Equipment and Residential Health Care Equipment.

People want to live in their own home where they feel relaxed and comfortable. FranceBed provides rental and sales of welfare and residential health care equipment to help people achieve this. We also have experienced and knowledgeable staff who can help with all of your enquiries. As the first company to offer rentals of health care beds, we will continue to expand our ability to provide 'compassionate living' to our customers.

FranceBed's high quality standards for customer's peace of mind.

The highest levels of safety and reliability are demanded of residential care nursing and welfare equipment. FranceBed has been certified by the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS), and has also introduced an internal system called the FranceBed Engineering Standard (FES), which has inspection and auditing regimes more severe than those in the JIS requirements. Our products are thoroughly and completely inspected and analyzed by our internal engineering staffs. We are more demanding of our products than anyone else, enabling us to provide safety, peace of mind and the highest quality products to our customers.

  • made in JAPAN

    Products with this mark are made in our Japanese factories. Our superior quality control systems enable us to provide safety and peace of mind to our customers.

  • safety and environmental

    Products with this mark use a bed frame that has All Japan Bed Manufacturers Association quality, safety and environmental certification.

  • Hygienic Mattress

    Products with this mark meet the 'Hygienic Mattress' criteria for hygiene and environmental impact minimization.

Multifaceted Residential Care Support, from Welfare Equipment Rentals to Housing Renovations.

FranceBed has experienced, specialized staff helping our customers with rental and sales of welfare equipment and at-home health care equipment. We also have introduced a wide range of support services, such as day services and residential renovations and modifications, which help people enjoy a more relaxed residential care environment.

Welfare Equipment Rental and Sales
Welfare Equipment Rental and Sales

We have a wide range of high quality products you can use with confidence, as well as experienced staff who can provide personalized service concerning all welfare equipment needs.

At-Home Health Care Equipment Rental and Sales
At-Home Health Care Equipment Rental and Sales

We help people needing residential care, and their families, live the positive and active lifestyles they want, in the house and community where they feel at home.

Rental and Sales of Welfare Equipment for Children
Rental and Sales of Welfare Equipment for Children

We have a wide range of welfare equipment product s for children, including beds, wheelchairs and walking aids, which are matched to the specific needs of the children and their families.

Yu Yu Iki Iki Club
Yu Yu Iki Iki Club

Fitness and culture centers that accept nursing insurance. These centers provide preventative care for people needing low level support.

Day Service Centers
Day Service Centers

These centers provide a wide variety of care plans and a warm atmosphere for those needing support and care.

Residential Renovation Service
Residential Renovation Service

We provide a wide range of renovation services, from fitting handrails all the way to large scale house renovations, to enable people to leave independently in a safe environment.

Health Care Shops
Health Care Shops

As an outlet for health care goods, these shops have such products as health care beds, wheelchairs, walking sticks, adult diapers and so on. People can also come here to consult with our specialists on all areas, from care provision to residential renovations.

Health and Welfare Plaza
Health and Welfare Plazas : Sukesan Takusan

In addition to welfare equipment, these plazas offer a wide range of products for active seniors. There are also on-site specialists, such as welfare equipment experts, care managers and pharmacists, who can answer any queries you may have.

Online Shops
Online Shops : Nursing Care Delivery Service

This is a service that has been developed to enable you to purchase nursing care goods online at any time.

Helping to Create Safe and Comfortable Health Care and Nursing Facilities.

FranceBed understands the safety demands of health care and nursing facility users, and puts great effort into designing and developing products with constantly increasing levels of safety. We also use family-friendly designs and materials in our health care and nursing beds to replace the sterile environment normally associated with these kinds of facilities with a warmer, more human environment. FranceBed understands the psychological impact conditions in the facility can have on people undergoing long-term health care, and is working to help create higher quality health care and nursing environments.

  • Products for Health Care Facilities
    Health Care Facilities
  • Products for Welfare Facilities
    Welfare Facilities
Options for Creating Safe and Comfortable Spaces
  • Multi-Bed Rooms

    Multi-Bed Rooms
    Multi-bed spaces with an ideal balance of communication and privacy.

  • Special Purpose Rooms

    Individual and Special Purpose Rooms
    Individual and special purpose rooms that consider the therapeutic benefits of a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere.

  • Receptions and Cafeterias

    Receptions and Cafeterias
    User-friendly reception and cafeteria areas that consider space requirements, people volume and movement lines.

Supporting Hygiene and Safety at Health Care and Welfare Institutions with our Linen Supply Services.

FranceBed operates a service that provides clean and safe linen to health care and welfare facilities. All linen is cleaned quickly and thoroughly at our sterilization cleaning laundries. These laundries must meet stringent hygienic standards and are formally accredited to the Health Care Service Mark of the Association for the Promotion of Health Care Services in Japan. Linen for health care and welfare facilities must meet the highest hygiene requirements, and all our linen comes from these laundries.

Merits of Linen Supply
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