Cookie Policy

●What a cookie is.

A cookie is a function that records the data of the browser that accessed the website on your personal computer or smartphone. By using cookies and saving your browsing information, you can stay logged in the next time you visit the same page, or get information such as the page you visited. The information collected through cookies does not include information that identifies you.

●What we do with cookies.

We use cookies for the following purposes:

-To enable you to provide customized services for each customer by referring to the stored customer registration information when you log in to the authentication service.
-To display the most appropriate advertisement on another company's site based on the content that the customer is interested in and the usage status on our site.
-To investigate the number of users and traffic of our site.
-To improve our service.
In addition, if a person who has visited this site in the past visits a specific page by utilizing the advertising service (display advertisement / remarketing / retargeting function) of an advertisement distribution company such as Google or Yahoo!, we deliver announcements (advertisements). At that time, we will use cookies to obtain the visit history information of this site.